Mountain Top Boards

Handcrafted in Warwick, NY by Dave

Mountain Top Boards

About Me

Hi there – I’m Dave, the artist. My wife and I live in Warwick just a few minutes from downtown. To encapsulate myself, I’m a programmer and web developer (Web Garden Consulting, LLC), a woodworker and epoxy artist and a homesteader as well.

I have many years of experience building all sorts of things from wood and other materials (trellised gardens, a greenhouse, a 30ftx15ft deck, a pergola, a pottery studio). Just prior to the pandemic I started experimenting with wood and epoxy to make a few serving boards as gifts and the response I got was rather encouraging.

Soon I found myself buying reusable EPDM molds, huge EcoPoxy kits, a library of Mica colors and, of course, LOTS of beautiful wood. Oh and… more tools — we always need more tools, right?